The Best Walkway Materials for You by Concrete Contractors Seattle

Whatever materials you pick for us, you always have to look for the one that will serve you the best along with a traditional look. The concrete contractors Seattle can suggest you a lot in the matter. Your walkway is a thing you will use every day more than once. So, you should be careful of your walkway. Let’s hear about some materials you can install in your walkways:

Clay Brick Pavers

The use of clay bricks is not a recent invention. People have been using clay bricks for centuries. You will see the proof when you visit any historical structure. The structure has clay bricks in its area. Besides, the red bricks can offer a long-lasting feature with a fantastic look. Bricks don’t crack even after using them for years. The red clay is used to produce the red bricks. You will also get other colors of bricks for your walkways. The orange or brown bricks will look very lovely on your green lawns and other places if you want to use the orange or brown bricks.

For DIY projects, bricks are very appropriate, as you will only have to create a layer with sand and gravel and lay bricks over it. Besides, you can also use recycled or tumbled bricks to create a rustic look in your walkways. The various patterns of bricks like a basket weave, herringbone, runner, etc., will make anyone love them at once. There is another thing that has similarities with the clay bricks. It is the concrete pavers. It is also simple to install as it has got interlocking facilities.


Gravels are very cost-effective materials for your walkways. Moreover, you can easily lay it. You only have to fix a place for your walkways. You have to start the installation by laying the fabrics as the fabrics will not let the weeds grow. Now pile the gravel and don’t let them spread out. To prevent the gravel from spreading, you can install the edging. But the plastic edging will cost you significantly less money, but there are options like brick pavers, paving stones, and rocks to keep the gravel in place.

You can go for natural stones, but the smaller stone will make walking easy. Because the small stones quickly lay down on the walkways. For the larger gravels, you must work according to the measurement of the gravel stones. It will inform you about the gravel requirements for your use so that you don’t have to spend extra money buying unnecessary gravel.

Natural Stone

The variety of colors, patterns,  shapes, and designs of the natural stone has been excellent. You will be mesmerized by their appearance indeed. But some maintenance is needed too. To save them from humidity, you will have to use the chip, slate, etc. Wherever you use the outdoor walkways, the rain will come in contact with them. In addition, you can overspray the walkway so that the walkway gets adequately sealed.

Among stones, flagstones can be your choice like others as it is very well known to people. Flagstones are non-slippery elements. They come with a remarkable long-lasting feature. Because the flagstone can cope with extreme hot or cold weather. But the flagstones are heavy materials. So, the professionals can provide you with the best services while installing them on your walkways.

Poured Concrete

The poured concrete walkways will provide you with many textures and colors of different materials. As concrete can replicate the look of other materials like bricks, stones, woods, etc., you can get any look you want by spending much less. The installation of poured concrete is effortless, but there is required maintenance. You should seal the concrete to let no water touch them as it is porous. It will also keep the stain and debris away from the concrete. Both the stamped concrete and concrete pavers are of the same price.

Paving Stone Walkway

Concrete is a very appealing material for your walkways. Compared to natural stones, they are cost-effective. But the poured concrete will almost cost you the same as the paving stones. It will vary according to the design you select. They have interlocking options so DIY users can use them efficiently. As there are interlocking options, you can get any designs and curves to decorate your walkways the way you want. The unlimited colors, sizes, textures, thickness, and patterns it has will let anyone like them quickly.

Closing Statements

The concrete contractor Seattle will assist you best in choosing the suitable material for your walkways. They will consider the weather, your budget, the size of your walkways, and some other facts to install your walkways. Thus, you can get a very durable walkway for your property!

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